5 Ways to De-Stress Your Office

5 Ways to De-stress Your Office

Kirsten Lin – Interior Designer

Work = stress, right? In addition to the pressure of delivering results in your job, there is the regular ringing of phones, constant chatter, email and social media notifications and impromptu meetings that spring up, right next to your desk, all of which add to the tension of the day’s work. Fortunately, we have 5 simple design ideas that can help alleviate some of that stress for your team.

1. Create more common areas to unplug and recharge

Encourage ‘breathing time’ away from computer screens by creating spaces for gathering and collaboration. Including appropriate, comfortable furniture and amenities, as well as incorporating natural path ways to the space in your design, these will become natural and positive places for your team members to get together and congregate.

2. Make motivation part of your culture

It’s easy to stick up a few motivational posters on the wall, but this can feel disingenuous if done poorly. Bring your company values and culture to life in a curated and targeted way that connects with your employees. Beyond imagery alone, look at culture-based collateral, rooms and even events that can help people to connect with the positive messages, rather than simply seeing them stuck up around the office.

3. Offer multiple work environments

No one likes to feel chained to their desks all day, so offering a selection of ways to work in different areas can really make a difference. Whether it’s breakout areas with couches or beanbags, adjustable stand-up desks or long tables that encourage team collaboration, allowing people to work in the style that they choose will help them to curate their own work day, improving wellbeing and happiness levels.

4. Create more private working spaces

In addition to the above, consider creating spaces especially for individual, focused work. Private, quiet and calm spaces ,designated for those who want to get ‘in the zone’ are a boon when employees need to get away from the noise, hustle and bustle of collective work areas.

5. Emphasize relaxing colours and shapes

We’ve mentioned before the importance of colour and its effect on mood and behavior, so make sure you incorporate relaxed, soothing and muted tones in some areas, designating them as spaces where employees can‘ get away’ for breaks.

These are just a few thought starters for de-stressing your office. Why not talk to us about how we can create a solution for your office today?