A new workspace,
without the move

Refurbishments are the best way to transform any existing workspace to better suit your needs or changing work scope. Hasbuilt Projects specialises in office refurbishment. Allow us to transform your floorspace so that it streamlined, functional, and visually appealing. Whether you want to maximise your space or need to rebrand the entire area, we can assist.

Streamline, Functionality and Aesthetics

We understand that because you’re familiar with your environment and how it operates, you’ll have input to give on solutions and improvements you’d like to see made. We’ll consult with you to address your concerns to create a solution that facilitates your needs, budget, and timeline. The result will be a functional design solution that embodies your brand’s style and personality.

Premium Materials Trusted Suppliers

Our team of trusted and skilled contractors will bring your designs to life while ensuring the construction meets high quality standards. We’ll only utilise premium materials from trusted suppliers and will make sure you sign off on every stage (from design and budget planning to construction and handover) to ensure your satisfaction.