Formative creators and designers who are zealous about crafting inspiring environments.

Our Story


Hasbuilt Projects are a team of dynamic creators and designers who dedicate their mind, body and soul to transforming workspaces.

Passionate about crafting inspiring environments, our dedicated team operates with the utmost attention to detail and diligence, delivering exceptional results in a timely & feasible manner.

Using future-focused & human-centric methodologies, we develop and sculpt visionary spaces that enhance people’s lives and businesses.

By bringing life and functionality into workspaces across Sydney, we apply strategic design principles that allow us to craft innovative and revolutionary footprints.


To go beyond traditional means by
pioneering the most modernistic workspaces
that inspires a lively outcome.

Our Process


Explore & Understand

The space, the must-haves, the ambition and the possibilities.


Plan & Conceptualise

A consultative and collaborative process, turning the brief into a vision for the new space.


Gather Resources

An easy-to-understand, transparent budget breakdown to deliver on the vision.


Execute Vision

Innovative concepts and excellence in construction, using experts and materials of the highest standard.


Settle and Connect

We help you settle Into your new workspace and nurture a postdve, ongolng relationship.

Our Management Team

Tony El-Hasrouney | Founder

Tony is unapologetically a perfectionist. He founded Hasbuilt Projects to deliver designs, fit-outs and refurbished spaces that matched the high standards he set throughout his career. From the hand-picked team, to the quality of work delivered and the long list of satisfied clients, he is immensely proud of the business that he leads. Tony knows that each and every project completed is a representation of his commitment to delivering office spaces that clients will always be proud of.

Kenneth Lau | Associate Director

Born with creativity, design and aesthetics coursing through his veins, Kenny now combines his rich experience with a love for innovative solutions to create the distinctive styles for which Hasbuilt Projects has become known. Whether it’s pushing boundaries or delivering functional spaces that demonstrate an uncanny understanding of human behaviour, Kenny is driven to exceed client expectations with each and every design. His creative curiosity and commitment to excellence is contagious and permeates through Hasbuilt.

Elias Esber | Lead Project Manager

Helen Nguyen | Project Consultant

Nicole Dwyer | Project Consultant

Our valued clients include: