A Smarter Office – The Smarter Choice

A Smarter Office – The Smarter Choice

Jen Rani Cayabyab – Project Consultant

What is a ‘smart’ office?

A smart office implements a suite of technologies to help it operate smarter, more efficiently and effectively. ‘Smart’ because using the right technology will remove tedious and menial tasks, barriers to efficiency and will create a better work environment, meaning employees can focus on what really matters – business. When implemented correctly, creating a smart office will offer a range of benefits across multiple areas and aspects of your business. Here are just a few.

Increase simplicity and productivity

From finding a meeting room, to file sharing and network connectivity, we know that time spent on the ‘little things’ can quickly add up to productive time ‘lost’ in an organisation. For example, using online meeting room booking systems offers up-to-the-minute clarity to everyone on just which resources are available and when. No more aimlessly wondering around the floor or hopefully knocking on doors looking for a meeting space. This can be further enhanced with digital screens/tablets at the doors, showing live room bookings.

Improve resource utilisation

Are your meeting rooms really being used when booked or are they empty? Does the A/C need to be on all day every day, in all areas of the office? Smart technology such as meeting room tracking, and climate and light sensors can ensure that your office runs more efficiently. It’s worth reviewing the data these systems provide, as it will help you and your facilities management team make better decisions on resource allocation.

Improving collaboration

From head office to the home office, from Sydney to Switzerl and,advanced meeting technology makes it easier for employees to connect by vastly improving the meeting experience. With face to face meetings no longer the norm, providing an effective and straightforward way for employees to connect wherever they are is essential.

Happier teams

Our more advanced world means employees expect more advanced technology in their workplace and all the convenience and benefits that come with it (no one wants to feel like they are working back in the 1990s). By implementing the right smart office technology, you can create an environment and employee experience that keeps your current team happy, while concurrently attracting new employees.

At HasBuilt we’ve implemented a wide range of smart office solutions for clients. Contact us today and we’ll help you create a smarter, better and more connected office experience.