Creating Unexpected Designs that Inspire

Creating unexpected designs that inspire

Kenny Lau – Associate Director

For many people, heading to the office is matter of course, an essential part of their lives that they wouldn’t do if they didn’t have to. For a lucky few, their workplace is a place of inspiration that makes work not only bearable, but even enjoyable. Here are some ideas to set you on the path to creating a more inspirational workplace for your teams.

Inspired by colour

Different colours impact people differently so consider the kind of energy you want the environment to create and evoke, then research the appropriate colours. You may have set colours for your brand that you would like to include, in which case consider how they should be applied (e.g. shapes, materials, ratios vs. neutral colours etc.) to deliver your desired mood. Always challenge your designers to be creative when looking into colour application, it’s worth the effort!

Natural Elements

‘Biophilia’ refers to the fact that humans have an instinctive bond with nature, life and living systems, so bringing them into workplace design can have significant effects. This means more than sticking a few plants and shrubs around and requires careful planning and application of the elements you want to bring to life, for example:

  • Access to natural light and visibility of ‘outside’
  • Incorporating natural features/materials like wood and stone
  • Utilising and encouraging outside areas where possible
  • Include plant life where possible

These biophilic ideas can help to improve wellbeing, increase productivity, reduce sickness rates/absenteeism, clean the air, reduces noise levels and boost creativity.

Collaboration & Creativity

When it comes to designing spaces where team members congregate and collaborate, designer creativity is to be encouraged. Use of colour, materials, shapes and furniture should be guided by a desire to inspire and to create a point of difference when compared to employees’ usual desks. Avoid spaces that isolate or position people apart and offer spaces and furniture that connects and gathers your team members, offering them a place to solve, explore and be inspired.

Play is OK

Your team works hard, so there is no harm in offsetting this by making some office ‘play’ time openly permissible. Breakout areas set aside for this purpose are ideal and ideas include pool tables, table tennis or even a game console that encourages people to bring out their playful side.

Whichever elements you choose, remember that your office should inspire and encourage your employees, beyond being just a place to work.