Getting Creative – Office Walls & Dividers

By Cynthia Porphyre – Interior Designer

While open plan is the norm for most modern offices, there has been an undeniable shift towards dividing offices into more practical, functional and valuable spaces. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t simply mean throwing up solid walls to close off areas of office floors for newly promoted executives, but rather carefully and creatively dividing up the floor into spaces defined by their work function and delineated using different methods.

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If you are considering dividing your office into some clearly defined spaces, here are some ideas to inspire you.

By getting a bit creative with the role of your divider or wall, you can create a more flexible alternative to ordinary working spaces, increasing productivity and functionality of the office space. Items such as moving walls/panels, whiteboards/pinboards and tables can help to define specific office workspaces and add work flexibility, without the need for simply installing a floor-to-ceiling solid wall. In addition, you can choose to have them moved in alignment with your team’s needs.

We all know the benefits of having greenery in the office, so why not use plants to delineate workspaces, rather than walls? Surprisingly, plants absorb sounds (rather than insulating against noise pollution) and help to reduce the disruption of day-to-day office noises. As a starting point, consider positioning larger plant pots around the edges and in the corners of a room to deliver aural and visual benefits to your team.

We all know how painful impromptu desk gatherings can become, quickly disrupting those around them, not to mention the difficulty of spreading flip charts, gathering around a screen and capturing notes in a space made only for one or two team members. By offering accessible spaces dedicated to collaboration, you can create designated thinking areas, separate from the work floor, while also breaking up the wide expanses of your ‘open plan’ design.

Apart from retractable walls, panels, whiteboards and plants, there are all manner of ways to divide and define areas of your workspace. Think about differentiated lighting, or colours and materials on flooring and ceilings and the ways they could highlight the different purposes of workspaces.

The benefit of exploring office partition styles, materials and types are many and varied. They will help your business achieve higher degrees of productivity and liveability and to create a more aesthetically attractive environment.

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