The Benefits of Installing an Office Breakout Space

Commercial office fitouts come in many forms, but one of the most popular trends at the moment is the office breakout space. This is an invaluable asset to add to your commercial property. To some, it may seem like an unnecessary expense, but this area can improve your business’s productivity and performance. An office breakout area is a sound business investment decision for several reasons. And as a commercial fitout company, Hasbuilt Projects can assure you that it is a worthy installation for you and your employees.

Catch the trend

An office breakout space is a growing trend in start-ups and progressing into the already established corporate world. That is because of the advantages that come with having one in your office. These are not just frivolous areas with no purpose or just an entertainment zone for your employees. A well-thought-out and creative office breakout space can change the way your employees work and how your business operates. So to dispel any previous misconceptions around the term and its functionality, we have developed a comprehensive definition to change your mind.

Explain please

An office breakout room is an area still connected to the office environment but is not necessarily used for the purposes of daily working. It is essentially there to provide a break-away from your employee’s daily tasks and is intended to be a relaxing space that allows your staff to “break out” from the mundane and routine.

Great breakout spaces are supposed to be much calmer than the usual office setting, but can still be useful in stimulating employees (it might allow them to switch frames of mind, get more creative or throw some ideas around) which will have a favourable impact on your business’s productivity. Offices can furnish their breakout room to match their brand or introduce an entirely new set-up into the building. The styling, offerings, and design of this space are all important contributors to the area and should carefully considered.

In recent years, design trends in breakout areas have developed because the idea of creating this space is becoming more popular. While remaining cohesive to the brand and business, specialists can create a truly unique environment that encompasses creativity and functionality.

Couches and softer furnishings will ease up the feel of the office and provide a space to employees in which they feel comfortable to decompress. Providing engaging stimuli, such as table tennis equipment, juice bars, and walls to write on, will encourage them to divert or improve their mental efforts in a less stressful way.

reasons why

If you are still uncertain that this would be beneficial to your business, we have created a list of reasons that you should consider before deciding against installing a breakout room.

1. A Way to Show Your Employees How Much You Value Them

Boosting employee morale should be consistently done, not because it is an adequate way to improve productivity – but as it shows that you genuinely value them and their wellbeing. One way to do this is by investing in their welfare, with an office breakout space. Even with the most comfortable office furniture and appealing cafeteria, employees should have an area dedicated to them to switch off and take a break. Without the distraction of work, a breakout space can decrease stress levels, re-energise them and increase their motivation.

2. Increase Productivity and Enhances the Effectiveness of Employees

Regardless of the type of business, you may have, having employees performing the same tasks day-after-day without any release will eventually result in poor performance and possibly even job burnout. Encouraging employees to take regular breaks, to recuperate and eat are good ways to increase their productivity. An office breakout space also enable employees to engage with each other in a different way leading to greater collaboration.

3. Provides Employees With a Work Conducive Environment

Month ends and deadlines can make for a noisy environment and not every employee can work under these conditions. While many businesses choose to go with open-plan offices, for effective space design and in the hope of successful collaboration – this is not always translated into productivity. Clashing personalities, stressful situations and generally loud employees, can increase the distractions around the office. A breakout area will provide a quieter environment, free of these distractions, which can assist in better outputs at a consistent high-level quality.

Another advantage of installing a breakout room in your business is that the benefits do not only extend to your current employees. Potential employees do take into consideration these value-adds that their next employer can offer them. To them, it is important to see how a company prioritises its employees’ needs.

The Hasbuilt Projects team is dedicated to providing expert professional service to meet all your commercial office fit-out expectations. As a trusted service provider, we have a wealth of experience in delivering unique spaces to our clients and can do the same for you.

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