Trending Towards a World of Colour

Trending Towards a World of Colour

Ashley Krkovski – Interior Designer

Colour is a power which directly influences the soul” – Wassily Kandinsky

When it comes to design, there are many critical elements to consider, but I’ve always found colour to be the most fascinating, powerful and impactful. Colour can influence mood, enhance or hinder productivity, encourage or challenge focus, inspire or even frustrate those in operating a space. The bottom line is that correct colour choice is essential for an optimal office environment.

Make Colour A Priority

All too often, colour is left until last when it comes to considering your new office, redesign or refurbishment, when in reality it should be one of the first considerations. While we all know that white is a safe and preferred option for many, we like to inspire clients to consider the potential impact of colour, when used in clever and creative ways throughout their space. Some key questions to ask:

What colours fit with our brand and business?

In addition to your corporate and brand guidelines, perhaps there are cultural, behavioural or environmental restrictions that can guide your application of colour. Consider if you want your employees, clients or customers to feel excited, inspired, relaxed or engaged. Choosing the right colours will create the ambience needed to support your brand and business functions.

Can Colour Affect Mood?

The amount of colour to be used in a space will have a significant impact on the mood and behaviour of the employees working within it. Too much and they may become distracted or even get headaches, but not enough can create a dull, lifeless environment that feels more like a visit to the dentist than the office. Balance is critical!

Where, how and on what can we apply colour?

We like to style an office environment, meaning we look at feature furniture items or installations, such as couches, carpets, rugs, exposed ceilings, artwork or murals. This gives you total control over the amount and application of colour in your space.

What colours are on trend?

We believe in keeping an eye on colour trends in the fashion and design worlds. Not because we believe everyone should be on the cutting edge of fashion, but because current colour combinations, pantones and trends represent current cultures and preferences. It also means there will be a wealth of inspiration and current uses to guide how you may want to use them in your space.

For the team at HasBuilt, exploring the use of colour is one of the most enjoyable parts of our job. We know that not only the aesthetic, but psychological benefits for your team and your business can go beyond your wildest expectations – trust us!